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This site will allow you to filter out large changesets from RSS feed generated from OpenStreetMap history tab. It is very useful since these feeds are usually filled with bot-generated changes that cover half of the world and do not change area that you are monitoring.

Technically, it loads RSS items from the source feed, and drops those that are larger than 20 degrees latitude or 40 degrees longitude (or values provided by users at feed creation time).


The project is at development stage, so any comments, suggestions and reports are welcome. Please visit project site at google code.


Usage of the service is quite simple. Just follow these steps:

  1. Copy the URL of hisotry page on OpenStreetMaps site
    When you want to track changes on a certain area, you usually go to history tab to look at changesets list. Go there now:

    You need to copy URL of the history page to clipboard. This can usually be done by clicking somewhere in the address tab and pressing Ctrl+C or selecting "Copy" from context menu.

  2. Paste it into the textbox above
    OK, URL is now copied to your clipboard. Now paste it into the textbox above. (Press Ctrl+V or select "Paste" from context-menu)

    The correct URL looks like this:

    Please make sure that it does not start with quotes.

  3. Tweak filtering options, or leave them as they are
    You can also tweak filtering threshold for your needs. At the moment you can modify filtering area size. By default, the feed will contain changesets smaller than 20 degrees latitude and 40 degrees longitude. You can change that via "Latitude limit" and "Longitude limit" textboxes. Input float or integer numbers there, like this:

  4. Click "Get filtered RSS URL" button
  5. Use that URL as you prefer

    That's it! The link leads to a feed that contains the very same data as the original feed except that it drops large changesets.

    You can just click the link if you want to use an aggregator built into your browser (like Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera) or copy and paste it into your favorite RSS aggregator or on-line feed readers like Google Reader.

You can also create a link manually

At the moment, basic usage syntax for the service is:{feed}&slat={lat}&slon={lon}
where Parameters slat={lat}&slon={lon} can be omitted.
2012, by Paul Melnikov, positron{ninetysix}{at}